Engagement Process

In order to achieve results, Public Engagement Associates utilizes a wide range of both face to face and online engagement tools to actively involve and empower participants to express their views. This generates authentic citizen feedback which increases stakeholder confidence in both the process and the outcomes. Below is a summary of some of the main ways we can assist those who want to effectively engage the public.

Public engagement planning and capacity building: Public officials and community leaders often need help to identify public engagement objectives, frame issues, train staff who interact with the public, and design the activities needed to ensure positive public engagement

Community wide town meetings: Large community gatherings that bring citizens together to help set priorities and offer guidance on difficult issues

Leadership and stakeholder forums: Discussions with representatives of key interest groups and com­munity leaders that foster collaboration and problem solving

Focus groups and citizen roundtables: Structured discussions with small-to-medium size representative samples of individuals or stakeholders to get qualitative and quantitative feedback on specific issues

Online engagement: A range of online activities and surveys that enable citizens to learn about and understand issues before offering their opinion, as well as crowd sourcing processes that engage the general public

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