Engagement Results

Our public engagement processes can empower your community to make tough choices, build trust and goodwill across diverse constituencies, and deliver practical, effective new plans and policies. We do this by utilizing six Building Blocks for Effective Public Engagement:

1.     Insightful analysis
We bring a fresh perspective to existing public and project challenges to help you map the quickest and most effective path to progress.

2.     Inclusive demographics
We bring a wide range of citizens and stakeholders to the table, even those who are usually too busy, too disengaged, or too hard to reach. We go to great lengths to target, reach, recruit, and secure participation of critical demographic segments – especially those that are often overlooked – into the process.

3.     Informed participation
We prepare discussion and presentation materials with you to ensure you receive highly useful ideas, feedback, and shared agreement – even when the issues are complex and contentious.

4.     Productive common ground
Citizens and stakeholders work through important differences to reach common ground, as our experienced facilitators guide them to talk to one another productively, in a dynamic and civil deliberation.

5.     Practical results
The process yields shared priorities and clear recommendations, broadly supported by thoughtful discussions among a diverse cross-section of your community.

6.     Sustained impact
Throughout the engagement, we help you involve community leaders and stakeholders and draw appropriate public attention to support the visibility and legitimacy of the process.