PEA Team

Public Engagement Associates is led by three principals who have a vast array of experience working with the public in the Washington, DC area and around the country. They have designed and implemented large public engagement projects that involved thousands of people and have also worked with small groups of stakeholders to get input on a wide range of issues. Each of them believes passionately in the importance of citizens having an effective voice in the decisions that impact their daily lives.

Steve Brigham

Steve Brigham has been a leader in the public engagement field for the past twenty years and has known great success as a facilitator, consultant and designer of innovative public meetings. He is particularly well known for the role he … Read More

Theo Brown (Emeritus)

  Theo Brown has more than 35 years of experience as an organizer, facilitator, and trainer for organizations that work to engage citizens on important issues that impact their lives.  He is an expert at recruiting demographically … Read More

Kim Sescoe

Kim is an expert project manager who has broad experiences in the Washington, DC area organizing programs with government agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions and businesses. Her areas of expertise include project management, … Read More