Steve Brigham

Steve Brigham has been a leader in the public engagement field for the past twenty years and has known great success as a facilitator, consultant and designer of innovative public meetings. He is particularly well known for the role he played from 2001 to 2013 as Chief Operating Officer and then President of AmericaSpeaks. During that time, he led or managed more than 50 large scale public engagement and stakeholder engagement projects in cities across the country.

He has worked nationally and internationally and his clients have included the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative,the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, a national youth obesity initiative, and the Governor’s health policy office in Maine. In the Washington, DC area, he has led engagement projects with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Mayor’s Office in D.C., WMATA, Prince George’s County, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Steve’s facilitation and consulting has also included strategic retreats for Mayors’ offices, annual staff retreats for national non-profit organizations, stakeholder summits for a national education association, and strategic planning exercises with a regional science museum.

Contact information: | 202-329-2968