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Table Facilitator and Breakout Room Facilitators

Table discussions led by skilled facilitators are at the heart of our citizen engagement model. These table discussions play a vital role in ensuring that citizen voices are heard and can have an impact on public policy decisions.  Our Table Facilitators maximize the participant experience and help us collect a wide variety of data from participants about what they think and want.


Public Engagement Associates has a facilitator network of almost 100 people who are experienced in small group face-to-face deliberation and are comfortable with many types of diversity and differences of opinion.  When selected for a particular PEA event, table facilitators receive an orientation to the agenda and the subject-matter to be discussed. During the meeting, a lead facilitator guides all participants and table facilitators from one topic to the next. Table facilitators work with small groups of 8-10 people to lead them through each discussion.


Table facilitators who work with Public Engagement Associates have the following strengths:

  • Experience facilitating small groups;

  • Deep listening skills;

  • Comfort with many different types of diversity;

  • Ability and willingness to remain neutral on the issues being discussed; and

  • Ability to adhere to timelines and specific instructions.


Facilitators generally work as volunteers, but small stipends are often available to cover expenses and transportation. If you would like to join PEA’s Regional Facilitator Network or would like more information, please look here


Youth Facilitator Training

PEA is interested in starting a training program for young people ranging from 16 to 22. Please email us at for additional information about facilitator training for youth and young adults.

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