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About US

Why is PEA's work needed?

In our increasingly complex and interdependent society, it is more important than ever that government, nonprofit, and private sector leaders understand the views of those impacted by their decisions.  When there are competing interests and complex problems to solve, it is almost impossible to make necessary decisions without hearing the voices of a full range of stakeholders. In fact, making important decisions without adequate input from the public and other key constituencies can cause significant long-term complications, which can be challenging to repair.

Public Engagement Associates (PEA) designs and facilitates processes that help elected officials, public policymakers, communities, and advocates find common ground on local issues that matter. Whether the issues center on affordable housing, equitable development, transit and transportation, public education, health, or any other critical policy areas, we partner with clients to gather the community perspectives to help make important, strategic decisions.

PEA principals and senior associates are trusted advisors, expert engagement and collaboration consultants, and nimble facilitators for every community-facing project you may have.

We are experts in:

  • Designing effective community meetings and engagement strategies;

  • Facilitating complex and challenging community and stakeholder meetings;

  • Working with public and nonprofit sector clients to help set policy agendas, manage complex processes, and build communities of collaboration;

  • Coaching leaders and managers on appropriate and effective engagement and involvement activities;

  • Ensuring that racial and economic equity are centered in every community and stakeholder engagement;

  • Assisting clients by connecting community input to public policy to help deliver effective outcomes;

  • Utilizing grassroots organizing to reach a representative cross-section of the community and encouraging them to provide input; and

  • Supporting leaders in organizing highly engaging national and regional conferences.


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