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Taking Meeting Notes
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Our Work

We are a small company, but we have a significant impact on the communities we serve!

“I can’t say enough how thankful DPZ is for PEA’s assistance and guidance in the plan’s inception.

We are excited to now have policies and implementing actions for protecting and enhancing flood-impacted Ellicott City and its watershed. PEA helped DPZ lay the groundwork for a very successful multi-year outreach process.”

-Kristin O’Connor,
Chief, Division of Community and Comprehensive Planning, Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning

Over the past two decades, PEA's principals and consultants have worked with cities and counties across the U.S., including:

  • Washington, DC

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Chicago, IL

  • Flint, MI

  • Sacramento, CA

and in communities local to our offices in the Washington, DC region including:

  • Richmond , VA

  • Arlington, VA

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Prince George's County, MD

  • Montgomery County, MD

  • Howard County, MD

We bring together an expert team to help clients quickly discern the purpose and outcomes, then partner with the client to design highly interactive processes and meetings that achieve those outcomes. Our team brings a depth of experience, skill, and savvy to outreach, engagement, and facilitation that is unmatched–locally or nationally.

PEA provides a full range of community and stakeholder engagement and outreach services, including:

  • development of strategy and implementation for participant/resident outreach and recruitment

  • coordination of stakeholder groups, in an advisory or steering capacity or in consultation and negotiation

  • facilitation of a wide range of small-group and large-group meetings, including charrettes, community visioning workshops, cross-cultural events, focus groups, feedback events, online events and activities

  • and facilitation and/or training for community capacity-building workshops from one-hour to multi-day sessions 

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