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Business Plan
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Online Studies


We provide a wide range of services to engage the public:

  • Design in-person, hybrid and virtual environments;

  • Develop community outreach and communication strategies that engage diverse populations; 

  • Integrate face-to-face meetings and online engagement; 

  • Facilitate interactive, virtual public meetings, town halls, and workshops; and

  • Conduct community engagement training programs for internal staff. 

To achieve these results, Public Engagement Associates utilizes a wide range of face-to-face and online engagement tools that actively involve participants and empower them to express their views.  We do this through:

  • Comprehensive public engagement planning and capacity building: Consultation to identify public engagement objectives, frame issues, train staff interacting with the public, and design the activities needed to ensure positive public engagement.  

  • Community Wide Town Meetings: Large community gatherings that bring citizens and residents together to help set priorities and offer guidance on complex issues.

  • Leadership and Stakeholder Forums: Discussions with representatives of key interest groups and community leaders to help define and refine critical issues and increase collaboration and problem-solving. 

  • Focus Groups and Citizen Roundtables: Structured discussions with small-to-medium-size representative samples of individuals or stakeholders to get qualitative and quantitative feedback on specific issues.

  • Integration of Face-to-Face Meetings and Online Engagement: Boost impact and guarantee results by blending the online channels you already use, cost-effective third-party web software (polling, ideation, surveys, social media, etc.), and face-to-face gatherings to maximize quality and minimize cost. 

  • Mobile Outreach to Tap Elusive Constituents: Apps and text messaging allow constituents on the go and those who can’t get to meetings on PCs to get involved at their convenience.

  • Community Outreach and Communications Strategies: Working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders, our outreach tools and strategies reach the right audience and bring constituents into public meetings. Emails, texting, Facebook ads, and the like are all valuable tools for outreach and recruitment efforts.

  • Coaching and Training: Coaching and training programs on community engagement for internal staff.

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